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Yoga accidentally came into my life when I was in college, pursuing a major in biochemistry...which I was not particularly interested in. I drifted through college life aimlessly, until somehow needing to fulfill a requirement I took a class in religion and the class was on Hinduism.
My professor, Vishwa Adluri, re-ignited me, suddenly things became clear and I knew that I wanted to study philosophy and religion. Hindu traditions appealed to me for it offered a practical way of coming to realization of the state that all of these traditions pointed to and so I decided to explore.
Half a year into taking yoga classes I decided to go deeper and took my first 200 hour training with Sri Dharma Mittra and a few months later, 500 hour at Atmananda Yoga Sequence.
I believe that yoga is self-explanatory. One does not have to be philosophically inclined to experience what yoga offers, consistency in practice, patience, and desire to learn will bring about the desired result.

Nikolay instructs the following:
  • Hot Vinyasa Yoga
  • Our Hot Vinyasa Yoga classes offer a dynamic flow in our hot room incorporating lots of pranayama (breathing techniques), music, and a variety of yoga poses ranging from beginners to advanced practitioners.
    Be prepared to have fun, be challenged, and feel relaxed and rejuvenated. The perfect way to start of end your day.
    All levels and practitioners are welcome.