Coming September 2017
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Sheepshead Bay

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Burn and Flow: Upper Body/Core

This class is taught by:
Burn and Flow involves strength training to build muscle, a cardiovascular workout to get the heart pumping, and a fluid yoga flow to improve flexibility, stretch those tight areas, and calm the mind.
Welcoming Sasha Nudel back to Hot Spot Yoga!!!

Join Jaine Gitelman and Sasha for an intense calorie-burning session blending Vinyasa-style stretching with high-intensity cardio intervals as well as body strength work involving body weight exercises.

This will give you the tools to kick start your summer body and take your fitness to a new level in a supportive environment. We will expand your focus beyond yoga and introduce you to a unique strength and circuit training class to jump start your metabolism, increase your cardiovascular endurance, help you lose fat, tone your muscles, and improve your overall fitness.

Burn and Flow is limited to 25 participants, so coaches can get to know you and help you meet your individual goals.