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Free Community Class

This class is taught by:

Alexander Litvak

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps in 2001, I was emotionally wounded and physically broken from multiple injuries. Years of pressing my body to its limits, training hard in the Heavy Weapons Infantry platoon, plus body-building, and running, worn out cartilage inside both of my knees and left me with a dislocated shoulder and chronic muscle knots in my neck, and back. By the time I got out, I was needing surgery on three of my major joints and intensive physical therapy to bring back the quality of life I used to have. After complaining about my problems to the head of the orthopedics department at the Veteran's Hospital he suggested I try 'power walking' as form of daily exercise. As the news hit me, for a long time I became depressed, and disillusioned with life - at the time I was only 21 years old. I didn't want to hear I had to give up all the sports I loved; bodybuilding, swimming, snowboarding, bike riding, etc.... As far as I knew, life was over, power walking did not deliver freedom of movement and promise of adventure life has to offer. I had reconstructive surgeries and felt somewhat better, but, still had trouble making it to the gym, or doing any other physical activity because now lifting heavy weights and repetitive motions caused me tremendous discomfort , pain and swelling in the joints. This went on for four years, I felt like I was never going to get back to looking good and feeling good, that is, until one wonderful day I discovered the joy of Yoga. At first, as I started practicing I noticed immediate relief of pain in the joints, and less inflammation, which was always my problem with all other sports I was trying unsuccessfully. The Yoga workout itself left me feeling stronger, empowered, and I started to feel my muscles toning again, I was starting to lose fat and build muscle in support of my hurt joints. Soon Yoga strengthening allowed me to resume other sports activities I missed and craved. I also noticed the stress relieving benefits associated with a a good Yoga practice, the calmness I felt deep in my soul, and how re-energized I felt after each new class. Furthermore, I discovered Yoga is an ancient Indian science with unparalleled depth of exercises, self healing techniques, and spirituality. This meant there was no end to its study, the body of knowledge too vast, the benefits to great, the challenge alluring - I was hooked.

As time went on I immersed myself in the Yogic studies; in classroom, through books, DVDs, workshops, and retreats - I loved it all. As my practiced excelled and I became more advanced I felt it was time to share my Yogic knowledge and secrets, and I signed up for my first teacher training at Yoga to the People in Manhattan, New York. My next teacher training took me to an exotic island of Koh Samui, Thailand were for a month we trained outside in sweltering 90 degree heat every day, for up to five hours a day. Time in between training's and henceforth I have studied, and continue to seek out and study with real yoga legends, masters, and gurus, learning from them variety of yoga techniques to stay current, and to evolve my own style as a Yoga teacher. My own classes are informative, humorous, and draw on the Hatha Vinaysa Yoga tradition, with focus on empowerment, alignment and attention to breathing. My goal in every Yoga class is to help my students realize their own true potential through Yoga, as its knowledge and wisdom has helped me on my own journey.

This class is our offering to our community. It's a great way to get to know your local yoga studio and it's instructors.
All are welcome to join, without sign-ups or appointments, for our $10 community class.