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Beach Yoga

This class is taught by:

Sammy Donahue

Like many dancer yoginis, Sammy came to yoga to supplement her dance training, but stayed for so many more reasons. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, She began her yogic journey while in college at Ohio University. There she received her BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography in 2011 and shortly after moved to Brooklyn, NY. In March 2012, Sammy committed to her practice and completed her 200-hour teacher training at Sonic Yoga. Sonic’s training changed Sammy’s body, mind, and soul, and she knew she needed to share that with others. Since then, Sammy has been teaching all over NYC, and has come to focus on releasing the trauma our bodies carry through movement. She draws on all her movement experiences in every class, creating a unique vinyasa flow centered on healing. In addition to group classes, Sammy offers private yoga sessions that cater to the specific needs of each individual client. She currently performs with Megan Bascom & Dancers, white road Dance Media, and Etch Dance Co.

Elizabeth Feygina

Liz graduated with her 200 hour certificate from Laughing Lotus yoga school in NYC in 2015 and an additional 200 intensive from Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, Indian in 2016. Growing up very active as a child in Ukraine and a teenager in NYC, she always saw her body as a temple. After graduating from Rosalind Franklin University at North Chicago in 2009 with a Masters in Health Science Pathologists' Assistant, she moved back to NYC to be closer to family. As a Pathologists' Assistant, Liz sees what diseases can do to organs and body systems on a daily basis. Most of these ailments are caused by inactivity and poor diet. As a student of yoga, she noticed great physical but also stress-reducing calming benefits of her yoga practice and decided to teach this beautiful practice to others. Liz’s enthusiasm for body awareness and body acceptance through yoga can be deeply felt in every class. Non-harming of our bodies, those around us and animals is where she draws her inspiration and finds peace. She loves to teach beginners about yoga, alignment and Vinyasa style flow sequences. Her teaching style is passionate, vibrant and joyful. Liz's sequences can be felt through the body as each pose is addressed with some points of anatomy and benefits to our overall health. Students who want to be assisted in the poses and feel more grounded will get great hands on guidance to feel more connected to their bodies, minds and spirits.

Liz loves how yoga can start conversations, build community and help people live better lives. She is influenced by master yogis who spread the word of yoga as a healing practice that should be accessible to everyone. You are never too old, sick or tired to start practicing yoga.

Mariella Millien

My love of movement and need for self expression led me to take Yoga in high school at the tender age of 14. Yoga, more specifically asana, quickly proved to be much more than a physical practice. It served as a therapeutic respite and a source of empowerment from which I could navigate the often times tough terrain of high school life and the challenges of coming into my own as a teenager. Since then Yoga has continued to be a driving force in my life, acting as a blueprint, bringing clarity and guiding me through the many stages of my journey.
My love for Yoga, thirst for knowledge and unwavering belief in it’s inherent healing powers has inspired me to pursue teacher training and attain a 200- RYT certificate . I continue to learn and enrich my yogic journey in many ways as I will always be a disciple. As a teacher I aim to create a safe and non restrictive environment where practitioners can explore themselves truthfully without self judgement. I draw from Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga to create fun and intelligent sequences with an emphasis on the breath and mindfulness.

Marina B

To say that yoga saved Marina's life would be a huge understatement.
In 2008 she was diagnosed with a rare and serious autoimmune disease which left her paralyzed and blind in on eye. After several months of healing her physical body, she embarked on a spiritual healing journey and Yoga knocked on her door.
Everything changed for Marina after that very first yoga class back in 2009. Shortly after that she completed her 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training at Atmananda yoga in NYC. Later that year Marina and her now, 2 teenage daughters decided to live adventurously and move to the Jungles of Costa Rica where they lived,played and enjoyed all that life had to offer.
In Costa Rica Marina became a certified 1&2 Reiki Master. Along with Yoga and Reiki Marina led and assisted many workshops and retreats in a spiritual community where her and her daughters lived for 2 years.
She thrives on being a yoga teacher and hopes to help others through the healing of yoga, as it once healed her!

Nikolay Ignatyev

Yoga accidentally came into my life when I was in college, pursuing a major in biochemistry...which I was not particularly interested in. I drifted through college life aimlessly, until somehow needing to fulfill a requirement I took a class in religion and the class was on Hinduism.
My professor, Vishwa Adluri, re-ignited me, suddenly things became clear and I knew that I wanted to study philosophy and religion. Hindu traditions appealed to me for it offered a practical way of coming to realization of the state that all of these traditions pointed to and so I decided to explore.
Half a year into taking yoga classes I decided to go deeper and took my first 200 hour training with Sri Dharma Mittra and a few months later, 500 hour at Atmananda Yoga Sequence.
I believe that yoga is self-explanatory. One does not have to be philosophically inclined to experience what yoga offers, consistency in practice, patience, and desire to learn will bring about the desired result.

Raquel Le Roux

Yoga has been a part of Raquel's life since 1999, when she began practicing Hatha at a small studio in San Diego, California. After receiving her 200hour Yoga Teaching Certification from La Jolla Yoga Center in 2010 she began teaching immediately. She continued her studies in a 100hour Yoga Immersion at Yoga Tree San Francisco.
Before moving to New York Raquel spent two years teaching in the South of France to an international yoga community. She studied yoga, practiced and taught at Sohum Yoga Shala Antibes, France. While in France she also expanded her knowledge of the French language. She recently returned to the United States and resides in Brooklyn, New York.

Raquel draws from the Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga traditions. She combines energetic movement and breath in mindfully aligned postures to create full mind-body connection on the mat. She also incorporates meditation, flow sequences and deep stretching. In her class you will find a fun environment to practice in and be able leave with more body awareness along with a peaceful mind.

Vinyasa flow class incorperating breathing excercises and meditation technique on the beach. *Donation based summer workshop.